About Merlexi Craft

Merlexi Craft™ Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs – An Innovative Revolution


Dr. Jane HermesDr. Jane Hermes is President of Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc. Dr. Hermes is a tireless advocate communicating the needs of the mobility limited and their caregivers for design of stylish, durable, lightweight wheelchair products that provide good value. Her goal is to provide products that allow mobility limited individuals to overcome the image of disability that the world associates with the use of a wheelchair.

Dr. Hermes received her BS in Psychology from New York University and worked as an IT professional for IBM in the 1970’s operating some of IBM’s earliest computers. She traded her data interests for a human focus and received her DC from Life University, Marietta, GA whereupon she served the public by establishing and operating her own chiropractic practice for 14 years. Dr. Hermes holds a Diplomate in Orthopedics from Los Angeles Chiropractic University.

In 1992, Dr. Hermes established Turbo Wheelchair Company, Inc. Along with an associate she outlined the characteristics of the first all synthetic-resin lightweight manual wheelchair. Their concept was to provide a plastic wheelchair with the advantage of a lightweight chair, easily assembled and offering extraordinary durability.

She developed the Merlexi Craft series of colorful, lightweight, plastic chairs with funding from the National Institute of Health’s Small Business Innovative Research Program.

Traditional wheelchairs are in constant need of repair and replacement, lack comfort for both user and caregiver, and are heavy and cumbersome to transport.

Merlexi Craft™ changes everything!

Merlexi Craft™ lightweight manual wheelchairs were designed with users , caregivers , hopitals, and businesses in mind. Each need was carefully considered and addressed. This resulted in a suite of wheelchairs that are:

  • Comfortable for both user and caregiver.
  • Durable, even under conditions of heavy usage and constant cleaning.
  • Economical, since the need for repair and replacement virtually disappears.
  • Customizable with a rainbow of color and fabric options.
  • Safe, with no pinch points even when folding the chair.
  • Lightweight to make constant use and transportation simple and safe.

We encourage you to explore our suite of lightweight manual wheelchairs, and to call us if you have any questions. We want you to be our next satisfied customer.