Merlexi Craft Caregiver Information

Merlexi Craft™ Lightweight Wheelchairs are a Caregiver’s Ideal Choice

Whether you are a family member, a friend, or a paid healthcare professional, you know the difficulties posed by helping someone with a traditional manual wheelchair. Poorly-designed handles put your hands, wrists, and elbows at an awkward – and unsafe – angle. Fabric seats make it necessary to transfer handicapped individuals to separate waterproof wheelchairs for showering. And then there’s the constant danger of risking a back injury every time you lift the heavy, cumbersome wheelchair into a car or van.

The Merlexi Craft™ lightweight manual wheelchairs remove all these concerns. When we created these innovative, lightweight, waterproof wheelchairs, we kept you as the caregiver firmly in mind to give you:

  • Safety on the Go. Merlexi Craft™ lightweight wheelchairs have patented ergonomic handle grips designed to give you greater maneuverability with more ease and less strain. You’ll be able to maintain a comfortable hold and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists. Plus, your elbows will be kept close to your body, preventing injury and giving you greater strength and control. Because the handle grips are non-detachable, you and the individual in the wheelchair are more secure on stairs and hills, giving you both peace of mind.

  • Safety in the Home.  

Transferring handicapped individuals from regular wheelchairs to waterproof wheelchairs is fraught with danger on the wet, tiled floors common to most bathrooms. Both people can be seriously hurt in the event of a slip or a fall. All the Merlexi Craft™ lightweight wheelchairs are completely waterproof, allowing you to wheel the chair directly into the shower or even submerge it completely. Our high-strength resin construction is rust resistant, and it dries quickly and completely, removing any chance of unsanitary mold or mildew.

  • Safety on the Road. In contrast to standard chairs that weigh 37-52 pounds, the Liberty I lightweight wheelchairs are 34 pounds, and the Liberty II ultra lightweight wheelchairs weigh in at 29 pounds – with quick release wheels that break the chair down even further to just 19 pounds. Both lightweight wheelchairs fold easily to approximately 13 inches, making transportation simple, easy, and safe.  

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