Merlexi Craft Facility Manager Information

Save Money with Merlexi Craft™ Lightweight, Waterproof Wheelchairs

As a facility manager, you need to budget and buy wisely. If you work in a healthcare organization, you may be purchasing rehab wheelchairs or hospital wheelchairs for your patients. If you work with a public or private organization, you may be purchasing wheelchairs for the daily use of visitors, guests, or clients. In all cases, you know that the wheelchairs you purchase will be put to heavy, constant use.

With completely customizable colors and custom options to fit your facility’s needs, Merlexi Craft™ lightweight, waterproof wheelchairs are the perfect financial solution for your organization, letting you:

  • Save Money on Repairs and Replacements. Inexpensive wheelchairs break on average three times a year, and are usually discarded after three years. In contrast, Merlexi Craft™ wheelchairs endured six times the ANSI and FDA required durability testing at the University of Pittsburgh without failure. With no breakage, you don’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements for your facility’s wheelchairs. Purchase once – use forever!

  • Save Money on Worker’s Comp and Lawsuits. Helping clients or patients with traditional wheelchairs can cause your employees back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee injuries, and chronic pain. Our wheelchairs are ergonomically designed so that the person pushing the chair can avoid strain and maintain a comfortable posture.

  • Save Money on Federal Fines and Business Closures. Traditional wheelchairs often fail federal sanitation requirements – resulting in heavy fines and potentially the closure of the facility. Our waterproof wheelchairs make complete cleanliness and sanitation a simple, easy task, with no possibility of rusting or mold that would result in the need for repair or replacement.

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Meets Minority Contractor Purchase Criteria

Turbo Wheelchair Co. is a woman-owned business and meets many specialized minority contracting requirements such as NISH.  We can help you adhere to special purchasing guidelines, whether you are purchasing rehab wheelchairs, hospital wheelchairs, or depot wheelchairs.