Merlexi Craft Government Buyer Information

Merlexi Craft™ Plastic Wheelchairs Available 

Merlexi Craft™ manual lightweight wheelchairs are perfect for VA hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, MRI units, and individuals. All our plastic lightweight wheelchairs are:

  • Durable. Inexpensive wheelchairs break on average three times a year, and are usually discarded after three years. In contrast, Merlexi Craft™ plastic hospital wheelchairs and wheelchairs for rehab endured six times the ANSI and FDA required durability testing at the University of Pittsburgh without failure.

  • Economical. With no breakage, you don’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements for your facility’s hospital wheelchairs or wheelchairs for rehabilitation. Purchase our plastic wheelchairs once and use them forever!

  • Comfortable. Our plastic wheelchairs have removable, positionable armrests and footrests; a series of innovative backrest options; and FormFold™ seating technology which gives users 24/7 comfort with perfectly-proportioned, solid, contoured seats.

  • Customizable. All Merlexi Craft™ plastic wheelchairs are available in a range of colors and custom options, allowing you to design your depot wheelchairs, hospital wheelchairs, and wheelchairs for rehab according to your facility’s exact specifications.

Interested in learning more? Call us at 1-800-959-4765 or send us an email with your questions or comments and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

Meets Minority Contractor Purchase Criteria

Turbo Wheelchair Co. is a woman-owned business and meets many specialized minority contracting requirements such as NISH.  We can help you adhere to special purchasing guidelines, whether you are purchasing wheelchairs for rehab or hospital wheelchairs.