Merlexi Craft Liberty I


Merlexi Craft™ Lightweight Wheelchairs are Perfect for

Home, Hospital, and Business

Liberty I manual wheechairWhen you want durability, economy, and convenience, Merlexi Craft™ Liberty I lightweight waterproof wheelchairs are the perfect solution.

Constructed of high-strength synthetic resin, our Liberty I plastic wheelchairs have incredible durability – saving you the significant costs (and inconvenience) of repairs and replacements. In fact, Liberty I lightweight wheelchairs tested to over 30 years of use at The Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Services, University of Pittsburgh. Purchase once – use forever!

If you are a facility manager, these waterproof wheelchairs make cleanliness and sanitation a simple, easy task, with no rusting that would result in the need for repair or replacement. As an individual, you can wheel the Liberty I waterproof wheelchairs directly into the shower or even submerge them completely. The high-strength resin construction dries quickly, removing any chance of unsanitary mold or mildew.

Liberty I plastic wheelchairs weigh in at just 34 pounds, making traveling, maneuvering, and transportation simple and convenient. FormFold™ seating technology gives the user complete comfort with perfectly-proportioned, solid, contoured seats. Patented, ergonomically-designed handle grips help caregivers maintain a comfortable posture and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

And the Liberty I lightweight wheelchairs have style: choose from red, blue, yellow, green, or black for the base, and then select any fabric you want for the back. With one of our custom plastic wheelchairs, you can match your personal preference or your facility’s needs perfectly.

“I have only one question:   Why has it taken so long for someone to invent this terrific wheelchair?” – Mrs. Joanne Hughes, Newburgh, NY

Liberty I™ Specifications

High-strength, durable, lightweight wheelchairs, K0004 Recommended


34 pounds reinforced polypropylene body

Folded Width

13.5" with wheels


FormFold™ solid contoured seat, 16-18", adjustable seat-to-floor angle and height

Seat Length


Seat Back

Flexible slat or air supported


Ergonomically-designed full control handle molded into chair side

Rear Wheel

24" mag, solid polyurethane tire, 5/8" bearing, fore-aft/up-down adjustable

Caster Size

8", 5" optional, solid urethane tire


Flip-up, adjustable, interlocking, bolt attached, quick release optional


Full support, removable, fore-aft adjustable