Merlexi Craft Liberty MRI


Merlexi Craft™ MRI Wheelchairs Ensure Patient and Hospital Safety

Liberty MRI manual wheelchairBecause traditional MRI wheelchairs look exactly like regular hospital wheelchairs, both patients and hospitals are constantly at risk. When non-MRI wheelchairs enter the MRI unit by accident, patients can be crushed or killed. And even if the patient is not injured, it can cost up to $100,000 to shut down the MRI unit and power it back up again.

Merlexi Craft™ Liberty MRI wheelchairs completely remove this terrible risk. Our MRI wheelchairs are colorful and distinctive, clearly separating them from standard hospital wheelchairs. Staff members can easily identify and recognize the Liberty MRI wheelchairs as the only chair permitted in the MRI scanner suite.

The Liberty MRI wheelchairs are also lightweight and ergonomically designed. The unreliable horizontal stem handle of traditional hospital wheelchairs has been replaced with a patented handle grip that gives your staff greater maneuverability with more ease and less strain.

Assembled from plastic and stainless steel components, the Liberty MRI wheelchairs minimize the ferromagnetic materials in the MRI room. They have received MRI Conditional labeling for static magnetic fields up through 3 Tesla in testing by Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services (MRSTS).

"I must say that your wheelchairs are being used everyday with glowing comments. Our staff really like them and they are easy to determine that they belong to our department." – Liberty MRI wheelchair customer at a major medical center

Liberty MRI Specifications

High-strength MRI wheelchairs


33 pounds without footrests


Plastic, glass-reinforced structural components, 18-8 stainless steel hinge pins, bolts and nuts, aluminum brakes and caster forks.  Mild steel bearings.

Folded Width



Color options include red, blue,  yellow, green, black


FormFold™ solid, contoured seat, 16-18"

Seat Length


User Weight Limit

300 pounds max.

Seat Back

Flexible slat recommended, air supported optional

Rear Wheel

24" mag, solid polyurethane tire, 5/8" bearing, fore-aft/up-down adjustable

Caster Size

8", 5" optional, solid urethane tire


Flip-up, interlocking, bolt attached


Full support, removable, fore-aft adjustable