Merlexi Craft has designed a revolutionaruy tamper proof wheelchair to meet the rigorous and unique demands of a correcitonal facility. Consturcted of high-strength synthetic resin without traditional metallic tubes or supports, our plastic wheelchair is not aonly th emost lightweight chair in its class but also the most udrable - saving you the significant costs and inconvenience of repairs and replacements.

While lightweight construction, long-lasting durability and innovative design are the tangible benefits of Merlexi Craft wheelchairs, it is our focus on the safety of staff and inner facility security that truly separates Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchairs from others.


Unlike traditional wheelchairs that were never designed to be used in a prison environment, Merlexi Craft is lightweight yet durable, constructed of a unique molded synthetic that cannot be fashioned into weapons.

Our revolutionary design enhances the ability of guards to observe and block attempts to smuggle contraband, unapproved messages or weapons into secure areas.


Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelcahirs are not built according to an assembly line, one-size-fits-all philosophy. Instead, each can be customized based on an inmate's or a facility's requirements. Size, color, acessories and more can be mixed and matched on every Merlexi Craft chair to satisfy specific correcitonal system requirements.


Every Merlexi Craf tInmate Wheelchair is built and guaranteed to last up to 3 years - providing significant return on investment for the responsible unit of government and the individual facility. however, we do no sacrifice safety at the expense of durability. To the greatest extent possible, metal has been eliminated, use of tamper-proof bolts secured with LockTight and elimination design featurs that can be abused or misued.

The merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchair molded synthetic mobility aid meets the definition of a "green" product since it's manufactured using a component of recycled material and can be recycled at the end of the products useful life.

The Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchair is a durable, folding, synthetic wheelchair featuring a solid, folding seat and armrests that can be removed or adjusted if required. The flexible solid back offers optimum support without jeopardizing safety and security. Since the chairs are not consturcted with metal, it can be used in the shower and will tolerate wet or snowy conditions.

Caregivers guide the Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchair with comfortable, ergonomically designed full-control handles.

Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchair Features

  • Durable, lightweight, synthetic molded chair body

  • Color options include red, blue, yellow, green, black or pink
  • FormFold solid, contoured seat
  • Ergonomically designed full control handle molded into chair side
  • Flip-up, adjustable and removable front riggings linked for aded stability
  • Adjustable, two-positions armrests standard
  • Folds to 13.5" wide with wheels
  • Adjustable seat to floor angle to accommodate individual preferences
  • Adjustable seat-to-floor height and rear axle mounting bracket positions
  • Quick release front rigging optional

Merlexi Craft Inmate Wheelchair Specifications

High strength, lightweight, K0004 Recommended

Weight: 33-pound, reinforced polypropylene body
Folded Width: 13.5"
Seat, solid contoured: 16-18"
Seat Length: 17-18"
Seat Back: Solid contoured back
Rear Wheel:

24" mag, solid polyurethane tire, 5/8" bearing, 

for-aft/up-down adjustable

Caster Size: 8", 5" optional, solid urethane tire
Footrests: Flip-up, interlocking, safety bolt attached
Armrests: Full support, removable, fore-aft adjustable